15 Shocking Weird Uses Of Coca Cola That You Gonna Wish You Knew Earlier




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Coca-cola is the world famous
carbonated soft drink company. No one ever hasn’t drunk this drink worldwide.

But if you still drink it, I think you gonna change
your mind after reading this article!

There is a scary fact about coca-cola: the acid level in this lovely drink is
the same level of batteries!

Could you imagine that??! and how could that hurt the metabolism process in
your body and your inner organs of your digestive tract

and also cause
many diseases as indigestion, bulges of colon,Osteoporosis,high level of sugar
in the blood and not only that but it could be more dangerous and causes asthma
and heart attack

i stopped
drinking it after my stomach was hurting me so much and I
was forced by the
incredible pain to visit the doctor , his first question was “do you
smoke?” and the second is “do you drink Coca-cola or such soft

I had to follow a drastic diet and most of my food is boiled vegetables.
But the worst part is it’s a life time diet. Although
I am very skinny!

The doctor told me that my colon is in very bad
condition and
I can’t eat any spicy, fried and fatty foods and all kinds
of legumes.

he explained to me how harm it is for everyone
specially kids because it
contains overdoses of sugar, caffeine more than the adult body needs
and don’t allow body to take advantage of vitamins as vitamin A  and
minerals as magnesium and calcium

however , I still believe that coca-cola is a very useful drink, but
not for drinking !

I will show you
15 unusual shocking uses for coca cola that will make you think twice before
buying it or allow your kids to drink it

1- fader for hair
if your hair stylist failed to get you the right color and it ended up
with darker color,
don’t worry this fizzy drink will make it very easy for you to fade
this color. all you gonna do is washing your hair very well with coca-cola and
you will see yourself amazing results
2- cleaner for
burnt pots :
if you got some blackened pots , use this amazing drink to totally
remove any black spot from your pot. No matter how big or hard to remove it is.
pour the
drink into your pot and wait for some minutes then scrub the grime and watch
your pot new again
3- stain remover
you don’t have to worry anymore about how much you gonna pay for stain
removers , you can use this magical drink as stain remover even greasy stains.
You could pour the drink into the washing machine with the detergent. At the
end you will get sterilized clean clothes
4- remove gum
from hair:
how many times you had to cut your hair because you got a gum stuck
to your hair? Or
your kids hair? We all had to do that even if we were childs, but now you
don’t have to worry about cutting the hair shortly because of gum. Simply pour
some fizzy coca-cola and wait for few minutes then pick off the gum easily!
5- Some videos on
showing that Indian farmers are using the drink as pesticide, because it is
much cheaper and it gives the same result. No conclusive evidence to prove if
these videos are
totally true or fake
6- Cleaning the
yes, it is true! And guess what! This drink
has the ability to
deliver you a sparkling toilet. All you need to do is just pouring some fizzy
coca-cola and wait for 90 minutes, then scrub with a brush and flush. Job done
7- Insecticide
for cockroaches and other home insects:
my friend told me that she tried it
with the insects and work. She got the idea after she hears about the damage of
my colon. She put some of it in an aerosol and sprayed it on the insects and it
killed them all
8- removing the
simply drop the rusted item in coca-cola for 90 minutes and then scrub it
with a piece of cloth and it will shine again. if your item is much bigger
to be dropped in a
glass you could soak a small piece of cloth in this magical drink and start to
rub the item to take off the rust from the item
9- cleaning the
windows :
thanks to the citric acid – one of the main ingredients for any
windows cleaner. It a very efficient cleaner. You should try it, and the best
part it is very cheap!
10- pain-killer
for insects and jellyfish bites:
if you got bitten by
bee, bug or jelly fish,
pour a little amount of coca-cola on the bite area of your body and wait for
seconds. You gonna notice your pain has disappear!
11- You could use
this fizzy drink to keep your silver
jewelleries and coins shine again. It is the same method as no 8 drop
the items in coca-cola and waits for about 5 hours. and your items are shining
again as you just bought it
12- tile grout
I don’t need to say again about it 😀 just pour some of the drink
on the floor for few minutes and you will get it clean and shiny
13- paint
stripper of metal objects :
soak a piece of cloth and lay it on the painted
area for  hours , then scrub 
14- do you got a
swimming pool? How much do you pay to clean it?
I think the cost is
really high for these chemicals. You could cut it down to the price of 4
bottles of this drink. Just pour the 4 bottles and get your pool clean again
15- use coca-cola
as a fountain! :
To play with the kids. You could tie some mentos together and
drop it in a bottle of this drink, just don’t do it at home because it will be
a big mess

Sensitive Skin Care Tips For Halloween


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everyone… Wassup. It’s Halloween and I know how annoying to apply
Halloween makeup on sensitive skin. And for sure there isn’t any
lady or girl wants to have blemishes after this day. Many thanks to
god it is only once a year we have to wear this makeup!
Almost of cosmetics that used in
Halloween makeup contain harsh chemicals however your skin can
survive… Good news, isn’t it?
And below are some tips for you
to apply and remove your Halloween Makeup For Sensitive Dry Skin And Some Sensitive Skin Care Tips For Halloween
Halloween Makeup For Sensitive Dry Skin

1- Protect your skin

Make your own face barrier to
reduce any potential damage (you need to take care while you apply
face makeup for sensitive skin at halloween). Simply apply light layer of moisturizer
or primer (preferred well known brand) on your sensitive skin. This
should protect your face before applying the variant cosmetics

2- Try stage and theater makeup

If you are looking for less
irritating makeup for sensitive skin, then why don’t you try stage
and theater makeup? It is hypoallergenic and less irritating than
other cheap brands. And this type of makeup has been tested by actors

3- Removing your Halloween makeup

After spending a good Halloween
you will need to remove the makeup gently. And here is my advice for
you… Never scrub your face… Just wash. You could use any cleanser
for sensitive skin you like. And for additional cleansing you could
get a facial cleansing soap (preferred to be glycerin based)

4- Don’t forget to exfoliate
your sensitive skin at the next day

To cure staining (if you got
some) and gonna be good for skin hydration
Take Care Of These Points
Never Sleep With Makeup
Test any new makeup on small area of your skin. Hypoallergenic
products don’t mean that it not gonna cause irritating. Read every
label on makeup carefully
you got eczema or rosacea you would better use natural and organic
You can make many kinds of Halloween makeup at home with organic

Best Food And Vitamins For Sensitive Skin


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Your diet is your lifestyle that you choose by yourself, but it affects your body and sensitive skin so much.

We will talk in this article about the most important three points in your diet that affects your sensitive skin.

  • What foods you eat to get more benefits on your skin.
  • Practicing sport and exercises.
  • Drinking water and its effect on sensitive skin.

What foods you eat to get more benefits on your skin?

Eating healthy food is a very good for your body in general and especially for your skin, so you must choose what to eat and you want to know the right vitamins and nutrients that can benefit your skin.

In fact a sensitive skin is basically a skin that becomes irritated easily, so people with sensitive skin should find foods rich in B vitamins which help to relieve dry, irritated skin. You can take a daily B-complex vitamin, but the best way is getting some of your B vitamins from the foods you eat.

There are many types of vitamin B 

vitamin b is very important for sensitive skin

  • Vitamin B1 is found in whole-grain cereals, bread, red meat, egg, green leafy vegetables, legumes, sweet corn.
  • Vitamin B2 is found in whole-grain products, milk, meat, eggs, cheese and peas.
  • Vitamin B3 meats, fish, milk, eggs, legumes, potatoes and peanuts.
  • Vitamin B6 can be found in liver, meat, brown rice, fish, butter, wheat germ, whole grain.
  • Vitamin B9 is found in yeast, liver, green vegetables, and whole grain cereals.
  •  Vitamin B12 can be found in liver, meat, egg yolk, poultry and milk.

Practicing sport and exercises also help your skin to be good and healthy looking, so you must try to practice exercises regularly because it considered one of the keys of having a healthy skin.

 Exercise is important to pump up blood flow to the skin, relieve stress and detoxify the body. Since the blood carries nutrients throughout your body, the better your blood flow, the more nutrients your skin gets.

Drinking water and its effect on sensitive skin

foods that help sensitive skin

 Skin is an organ, and just like any other part of the body it is made up of cells. And skin cells, like any other cell in the body, are made up of water. Without water, the organs will certainly not function properly or at their best.

If your skin is not getting the sufficient amount of water, it will suffer a lot from bad effects, so you need to have a large amount of water at least 8 glasses a day.

Drinking water will not protect your skin from drought only, but also you can see the effects of hydrating in your sensitive skin.

for more tips : if you want to protect your sensitive skin,you can read about : 6 environmental factors that affect sensitive skin that bad

Should I Buy a Sensitive Skin Care Product?


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Women worldwide are aspiring to have the perfect skin. But not all women already have it. So they have to use skin care products which all made with the same ingredients. However, not all women got the same skin type. So don’t expect a product which works well for your friend will work the same way for you.
 By the way all of us have tried a new skin care product, makeup, or hair care product and the outcome wasn’t what we expected, so we don’t have to lose our hope to have a healthy and glowing skin. And we must choose the products which don’t have problematic ingredients that are known to cause irritation.
At one point or another some women using the usual skin care products. They don’t know that they have sensitive skin. So to choose the best product you will try some products till you find the best one that make your skin healthy and look better.
Should I Buy a Sensitive Skin Care Product
What Causes Skin to react negatively to some Products?
There are a lot of reasons which make your skin reacts  negatively when you use some products immediately after using it or even to products you’ve used for months or years.
Sometimes, products are being well formulated, but it also causes some bad reactions and perplexing to your sensitive skin because it’s hard to determine exactly what’s happening and why.
The first reason may be the ingredients of products which are poorly formulated that can irritate your skin not at the same time you use it but maybe it can develop over time.
Some people have skin that’s more sensitive to cosmetics, they don’t care with the ingredients more the products they use, and the risk of using it on your skin, especially if the products contain fragrance.
Using too many “active” products at one time may be also affected your sensitive skin negatively. As there are a lot of women that think using a little product is good for their skin then using more must be better. But that’s not true because this causes bad effects on the skin.
Using the wrong product for your skin also affected your skin negatively, so you must identify your skin and be sure of what products which suit it to avoid any bad reactions.
There are a lot of ways which make you sure that your skin is sensitive to the product you use, so you must put the advices of experts to consider and be interested in what they said.
Some skin care experts advise that you should try each product for a week and start using it on a part of your hand or behind your ear at first before putting it on your face. Then notice the effect you have on your skin. It is possible to have slight redness after your first use of this product, but it should disappear after using it next times. If you still have some irritation after a week since you start using it, change it to another product.
We advise you to put any product at first under experiment to prove to yourself if this product is good for you or not.
Acneis another way to note that you have the sensitive type of skin when it turns to worse after using a new product. For normal skin, using any product on a regular basis doesn’t cause acne. So if you got acne after using a skin care product you should know that you have sensitive skin and you should use a skin care product.
If you want to reduce the bad effects of products on your skin, especially acne, you can use different products and alternate them. You can apply one in the morning and the other in the evening. And record your note and see how your skin reacts. If reducing the frequency doesn’t improve matters, then stop using the most suspect product (or products) and see how your skin reacts.
Sensitive skin doesn’t hold moisture so it could suffer from dryness. So to solve this problem you have to change to sensitive skin care products that contain moisturizers and sunscreen. These products will help your skin to heal and prevent common sensitive skin problems
We suggest for you to Keep a notebook handy so you can record how your skin progresses.  And what products did differently. Yes, it does take a bit of time or you might become fatigued of writing and remind, but you can look back on it later to help you better handle a future reaction of your skin.
At the end you want to know that following the right regular skin care routine can help minimize the sensitivity of your skin by improving and preserving your skin’s natural barrier? The Deep Cleanse and Protect steps are particularly important in keeping your skin barrier in tip top condition.
So you must know what to use for your skin and make your personality, interest as you are a unique person and you deserved the best.                   

6 environmental factors that affect sensitive skin that bad


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Your skin is the biggest organ of your body, so you must protect it from any environmental factors by regular cleaning, moisturizing and use of sunscreen.

As we concerned with sensitive skin you want to know how treat sensitive skin, as even a small climate or environmental change or a little bit of exposure to sunlight can be enough to produce rashes and blemishes all over your body.

so you have to learn well about these factors to get the best makeup for sensitive skin

6 environmental factors that ruins your best makeup for sensitive skin

1- The sun is probably one of our best friends in the world and worst enemies at the same time. We need to know how much sun we can take every day because it provide our bodies with vitamins we need, but also it can do a lot of skin damage if you stay out in the sun for extended periods of time.

We should determine what sunscreen to wear when the sun starts getting stronger specially with face, chest, hands and other sun – exposed area and you have to use sunscreen or foundation with a minimum of SPF15 or higher to protect your skin from damage and irritation from the sun all year- round.

2- Cold and heat can also damage your skin, so you need to keep the air in your home from drying out by using a humidifier and avoid taking hot showers and replace it by warm showers.

3- Sprays and perfumes can be harmful to our sensitive skin, so we need to use a little bit of them on your clothes instead of onto your skin directly. 

4- How long do you sleep ? Your skin also affected by how much you sleep, rest you get, what you eat and exercise.

5- Chemicals affect our skin, in our clothes, water, food, even some makeup can do harm to your skin more than others, so you have to choose what benefit your skin and does not harm it.

6- Smoking also damages your skin by constricting blood vessels and slowing delivery of nutrients to the skin and the removal of toxins, smoking also damages collagen. 

Finally, you should keep calm and avoid stress in your life to enjoy a beautiful, baby and healthy –looking skin.

article source : click here

Exfoliating Egg White Face Mask For Acne & Sensitive Skin


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This face mask for exfoliation is suitable for any type of skin specially acne and sensitive type of skin, the mixture between these ingredients will hydrate and calm dry or sensitive skin while gently exfoliating it too.
Oily skin can also take benefits from this egg white, face mask recipe, especially because of the honey and egg white which will help shrink down large pores and nourish it without leaving your skin greasy.
This egg white face mask with oatmeal can be also a real plus for mature skin as all these 3 ingredients put together are miracle workers for fine lines.
-1 egg white
– 1 tsp oatmeal
-1 tsp honey
-You first have to beat the egg until it turns a little foamy, add the honey and the oatmeal mixing it through really well
-Apply the mixture whit care on your face, neck and cleavage; leave it for about 20 minutes before rising whit a cloth soaked in warm water.
For a proper skin care routine apply a suitable moisturizer that works for your complexion.


Peaches are a great source of vitamins and minerals with important therapeutic properties and they can moisturize the body (87%peaches content is water)
Sour cream our other ingredient, contains lactic acid, which helps the skin retain moisture. This skin-enhancing ingredient can also be a natural scrub and it boosted the production of collagen.
There are a lot of beauty and skin care products on the market which contain lactic acid (moisturizer, shampoos and soaps)
However, you can also get the benefits of this ingredient by using it to prepare your own homemade cosmetics. This particular home made face mask is suitable for people with sensitive skin. It is great because it has some good anti-aging properties.
Peaches are high in vitamins C and pro vitamin A, B3, B5 and E.
They also contain iron, potassium and selenium. Due to its antioxidant properties, peaches can help you delay the aging process and keep your skin’s youthful glow.
-1 ripe peach
-1 egg white
-1 tbsp sour cream
-Combine the peach, egg and sour cream together
-Apply this mask on your clean face and leave it 15 minutes
-Rinse it off gently then apply a moisturizer.
now after you read this recipe and learned how to prepare it , i wanna hear from you how did you find it

Homemade Cosmetics & Hypoallergenic Makeup Would Be The Best Makeup For Sensitive Skin


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A lot of women think that the best make for sensitive skin is that which hide flaws such as acne and wrinkles is using too much makeup by applying a thick layer of primer, foundation, blush and mascara…. Etc.

This sound true, but if you do so, you are covering all your face under makeup or you are wearing a mask. All you need is to have a natural look without too much layer of cosmetics, especially if you have sensitive skin.

Hypoallergenic Makeup Is The Best Makeup For Sensitive Skin

Applying makeup the wrong way may be causing negative results and make flaws even more noticeable. Use eyeliner and blush only at evening. You don’t need them in the daytime, just Concentrate on enhancing your lips and eyes.

Using some types of makeup may harm your skin and causes (irritation, burning, swelling, burning, and pain). May be it is the time to switch to hypoallergenic makeup products. The hypoallergenic makeup is so gentle and doesn’t contain many chemicals. You can find hypoallergenic makeup (foundation and hypoallergenic eye makeup) in stores easily.

Homemade cosmetics are the best makeup for sensitive skin

If you got a high sensitivity to chemicals why you don’t try to make your own homemade cosmetics? If you can, it would be the best makeup for sensitive skin and it will be gentler than any other makeup type.

Long time ago women used homemade cosmetics before the existence of the makeup industry. They use beeswax, coconut oil and vanilla to do their own makeup. You can make your own lipstick, blush, eyeliner and eye shadow. You can use the internet to find these recipes.

Choose Your Own Best Foundation For Acne Prone Skin


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Choosing your best foundation for acne prone skin is not easy. May be your best choice for acne prone skin would be the mineral powder foundation. This mineral powder will provide a good coverage without clogging your pores. It also won’t cause skin breakouts.

Best Foundation For Acne Prone Skin

You can use non-comedogenic foundations daily, but they might provide less coverage. Choosing the best foundation for acne prone skin will provide the flawless look with the perfect natural coverage through the day. I think Revlon® ColorStay™ is what you looking for.

Make Up For Ever’s Mat Velvet foundation is an oil-free product which provides perfect matte coverage.

Bare Minerals Matte Foundation Powder would give you Mattifying media coverage. It provides protection from the environment and allows your skin to breathe because it has been made of pure ingredients.

Estée Lauder’s Double Wear foundation, Clinique’s Stay Matte foundation and Lancôme’s Rénergie Lift foundation will provide the perfect healthy coverage that you are looking for it with a luminous finish.

If you don’t like to use powder foundation, and prefer liquid foundations I recommend using an oil-free foundation as Neutrogena’s. It will help you to cover skin blemishes and treat your skin at the same time. Thanks to salicylic acid, which is one of its ingredients.

Cover Fx is also a good liquid foundation that working on improving your sensitive skin’s texture it contains redness reducers and it’s one of the safest foundation for sensitive skin. You can use it day or night. I think it is the best liquid foundation for sensitive skin.


source : http://www.best-makeup-for-sensitive-skin.com/2014/05/Best-Foundation-For-Acne-Prone-Skin.html

Best Foundation For Sensitive Skin


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It’s not easy to look pretty if you don’t have a good skin. You can’t apply makeup if your skin isn’t smooth enough.

There are many important things to consider when you try to choose the best foundation for sensitive skin. You might look for a foundation that works on hiding the problem spots on your skin. 

how to choose the best foundation to sensitive skin to get the best makeup

Mineral foundation powder might be a good choice for a lot of reasons:

1- It won’t clog your pores unlike other types of makeup that clog your pores and irritate sensitive skin.

2- A lot of women prefer mineral makeup because it is so light on sensitive skin because it doesn’t contain dyes and harsh chemicals.

3- Mineral makeup provides a perfect coverage.

4- It contains sunscreen, and it is also safe for women who got breakouts or inflammation problems. And yes, it is safe for pregnant women.

Don’t think that the most expensive product will work well with you. Always choose powder foundation because it won’t irritate your acne skin as liquid or cream. It also provides a good control on oil.

I recommend looking for foundations that are oil-free and contain zinc oxide or iron oxide. Choosing a product that specially designed for acne-prone skin will help your skin to look better. Don’t forget to test any new product first before start using it.

source : http://www.best-makeup-for-sensitive-skin.com/2014/04/best-foundation-for-sensitive-skin.html

Testing and choosing the best Makeup for Sensitive Skin


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To choose the best makeup for sensitive skin you have to test the product before you be sure it will be ok with your sensitive Skin.

Nobody knows the reasons of the sensitive skin problem, some people they have been born with it, and others they have it when they are older. And having this problem isn’t so good when you like makeup, because applying the makeup products may harm your skin and damage your look.

choosing the best Makeup for Sensitive Skin

How to test makeup and choose the best Makeup for Sensitive Skin?

It might be a difficult process to perform, however, it is so important to not harm your skin. Start by purchasing the small packages (sachets or small bottles) of cosmetics you would like to try. This will help you to save expenses and you won’t waste big amounts of makeup without using it.

How to test makeup for sensitive skin?

For facial creams or foundations you should apply some of it to your arm (inner side), leave it a few minutes. If irritating, or itchy doesn’t use it and look for another brand. The makeup products usually don’t have the sentence (for sensitive skin) on the labels.

Some tips to get the best makeup for sensitive skin

Stay away from creams and liquid makeup as you can. Try to use powder cosmetics instead because they are lighter for your skin. And never ever use expired cosmetics or you will suffer from more irritation.