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Choosing the best makeup for sensitive skin isn’t a big problem. There are many women asking about which brand is the best and what the best ingredients are.
Well, if your skin is sensitive you should choose for natural ingredients cosmetics which won’t affect your skin badly. Try to choose multi task products which will help you to reduce the number of the makeup products you have to apply to your skin (foundation & sunscreen or foundation & conceal)

best makeup for sensitive skin

A lot of people choose mineral powder, but I don’t find it a good choice for people with sensitive skin. Mineral powder contains an ingredient called Bismuth oxychloride, which causes redness and irritation and sensitive skin and cystic acne in some cases. Don’t you agree now that mineral powder that contains Bismuth Oxychloride isn’t the best makeup for sensitive skin?
Why is Bismuth Oxychloride a main ingredient in the makeup industry?
The FDA considers it a safe ingredient to be used in makeup. And this ingredient helps to give a pearl finish and helps to reflect light off of your skin in order to hide wrinkles

So what is the best makeup for sensitive skin?

The answer is mineral powder, but which doesn’t contain Bismuth Oxychloride. Generally Mineral makeup is the best makeup for sensitive skin because of its nice finish and lightness and it also doesn’t clog your pores. So make sure to read the ingredient list to stay away from any harmful ingredient for your sensitive skin.