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If you have sensitive skin this mean you have an imbalance in your body and you have to change your lifestyle. But that doesn’t mean to go out without makeup.
A lot of people with sensitive skin feel upset when they use foundation or color because their skin becomes irritated. And below I am sharing with you some tips and advices to help you choose what’s best for your sensitive skin:

mineral makeup is the best makeup for sensitive skin

1- May be you using (animal products, chemical, scents, heavy or poor quality) makeup products, even if your brand is well known and expensive. These ingredients usually cause redness and irritation.

2- You have to use mineral makeup, which contains no scents. Mineral makeup products are inert so no more irritating for your sensitive skin. It also will last for long hours and it won’t change or fade and you won’t be in an embarrassing situation. One of the best advantages of mineral makeup products that they are anti-microbial so your sensitive skin won’t be infected by bacteria. They also contain sunscreen and they are water resistant. So you won’t re-apply the makeup, thanks to their intense colors. Do you agree now that mineral makeup is the best makeup for sensitive skin?

3- You must use mineral powder foundation at least if you can’t handle the cost of mineral makeup products or don’t want to change all your makeup to mineral. It’s so important because the foundation is the shield that prevents your sensitive skin from (dust, germs and environment). Powder foundation is lighter than cream foundation. Try to use one with 15 SPF