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How can you wear makeup safely if you got sensitive skin? What is the best makeup for sensitive skin? There is a type of makeup called Liquid mineral makeup.
What is the liquid mineral makeup?
It’s a type of makeup which made of natural ingredients as minerals, some botanical components and natural oils. The best thing about this type of makeup that it is PH neutral, non-reactive and non-allergenic. So it won’t hurt your sensitive skin. So you take a risk of trying makeup, which could harm your sensitive skin.

Liquid Mineral Makeup is the best makeup for sensitive skin

Why liquid mineral makeup is the best makeup for sensitive skin?

The liquid mineral makeup is the best makeup for sensitive skin because it doesn’t contain any irritating ingredients. The mineral makeup is also so gentle and light on your sensitive skin. Don’t worry about the coverage, it provides an excellent coverage.

How to apply liquid mineral makeup?

1- Use non-comedogenic cleanser to clean and fresh your skin.
2- Use a mineral foundation for sensitive skin and give it some time to dry.
3- Apply the rest of your usual makeup.
4- Try to use as less products as possible to keep your skin away from irritating.

If you wanna me to recommend you some products I will suggest the MAC Mineralize Eye Shadow Duo I think it is excellent. You will need only a small amount to cover your eyes because its color is intense. And you won’t suffer from any fading, slipping, or creasing.

You can use Glo Minerals gloPressed Base foundation it lasts as long as you want and your skin pores will be less noticeable.