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It’s not easy to look pretty if you don’t have a good skin. You can’t apply makeup if your skin isn’t smooth enough.

There are many important things to consider when you try to choose the best foundation for sensitive skin. You might look for a foundation that works on hiding the problem spots on your skin. 

how to choose the best foundation to sensitive skin to get the best makeup

Mineral foundation powder might be a good choice for a lot of reasons:

1- It won’t clog your pores unlike other types of makeup that clog your pores and irritate sensitive skin.

2- A lot of women prefer mineral makeup because it is so light on sensitive skin because it doesn’t contain dyes and harsh chemicals.

3- Mineral makeup provides a perfect coverage.

4- It contains sunscreen, and it is also safe for women who got breakouts or inflammation problems. And yes, it is safe for pregnant women.

Don’t think that the most expensive product will work well with you. Always choose powder foundation because it won’t irritate your acne skin as liquid or cream. It also provides a good control on oil.

I recommend looking for foundations that are oil-free and contain zinc oxide or iron oxide. Choosing a product that specially designed for acne-prone skin will help your skin to look better. Don’t forget to test any new product first before start using it.

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