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A lot of women think that the best make for sensitive skin is that which hide flaws such as acne and wrinkles is using too much makeup by applying a thick layer of primer, foundation, blush and mascara…. Etc.

This sound true, but if you do so, you are covering all your face under makeup or you are wearing a mask. All you need is to have a natural look without too much layer of cosmetics, especially if you have sensitive skin.

Hypoallergenic Makeup Is The Best Makeup For Sensitive Skin

Applying makeup the wrong way may be causing negative results and make flaws even more noticeable. Use eyeliner and blush only at evening. You don’t need them in the daytime, just Concentrate on enhancing your lips and eyes.

Using some types of makeup may harm your skin and causes (irritation, burning, swelling, burning, and pain). May be it is the time to switch to hypoallergenic makeup products. The hypoallergenic makeup is so gentle and doesn’t contain many chemicals. You can find hypoallergenic makeup (foundation and hypoallergenic eye makeup) in stores easily.

Homemade cosmetics are the best makeup for sensitive skin

If you got a high sensitivity to chemicals why you don’t try to make your own homemade cosmetics? If you can, it would be the best makeup for sensitive skin and it will be gentler than any other makeup type.

Long time ago women used homemade cosmetics before the existence of the makeup industry. They use beeswax, coconut oil and vanilla to do their own makeup. You can make your own lipstick, blush, eyeliner and eye shadow. You can use the internet to find these recipes.