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Your skin is the biggest organ of your body, so you must protect it from any environmental factors by regular cleaning, moisturizing and use of sunscreen.

As we concerned with sensitive skin you want to know how treat sensitive skin, as even a small climate or environmental change or a little bit of exposure to sunlight can be enough to produce rashes and blemishes all over your body.

so you have to learn well about these factors to get the best makeup for sensitive skin

6 environmental factors that ruins your best makeup for sensitive skin

1- The sun is probably one of our best friends in the world and worst enemies at the same time. We need to know how much sun we can take every day because it provide our bodies with vitamins we need, but also it can do a lot of skin damage if you stay out in the sun for extended periods of time.

We should determine what sunscreen to wear when the sun starts getting stronger specially with face, chest, hands and other sun – exposed area and you have to use sunscreen or foundation with a minimum of SPF15 or higher to protect your skin from damage and irritation from the sun all year- round.

2- Cold and heat can also damage your skin, so you need to keep the air in your home from drying out by using a humidifier and avoid taking hot showers and replace it by warm showers.

3- Sprays and perfumes can be harmful to our sensitive skin, so we need to use a little bit of them on your clothes instead of onto your skin directly. 

4- How long do you sleep ? Your skin also affected by how much you sleep, rest you get, what you eat and exercise.

5- Chemicals affect our skin, in our clothes, water, food, even some makeup can do harm to your skin more than others, so you have to choose what benefit your skin and does not harm it.

6- Smoking also damages your skin by constricting blood vessels and slowing delivery of nutrients to the skin and the removal of toxins, smoking also damages collagen. 

Finally, you should keep calm and avoid stress in your life to enjoy a beautiful, baby and healthy –looking skin.

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