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everyone… Wassup. It’s Halloween and I know how annoying to apply
Halloween makeup on sensitive skin. And for sure there isn’t any
lady or girl wants to have blemishes after this day. Many thanks to
god it is only once a year we have to wear this makeup!
Almost of cosmetics that used in
Halloween makeup contain harsh chemicals however your skin can
survive… Good news, isn’t it?
And below are some tips for you
to apply and remove your Halloween Makeup For Sensitive Dry Skin And Some Sensitive Skin Care Tips For Halloween
Halloween Makeup For Sensitive Dry Skin

1- Protect your skin

Make your own face barrier to
reduce any potential damage (you need to take care while you apply
face makeup for sensitive skin at halloween). Simply apply light layer of moisturizer
or primer (preferred well known brand) on your sensitive skin. This
should protect your face before applying the variant cosmetics

2- Try stage and theater makeup

If you are looking for less
irritating makeup for sensitive skin, then why don’t you try stage
and theater makeup? It is hypoallergenic and less irritating than
other cheap brands. And this type of makeup has been tested by actors

3- Removing your Halloween makeup

After spending a good Halloween
you will need to remove the makeup gently. And here is my advice for
you… Never scrub your face… Just wash. You could use any cleanser
for sensitive skin you like. And for additional cleansing you could
get a facial cleansing soap (preferred to be glycerin based)

4- Don’t forget to exfoliate
your sensitive skin at the next day

To cure staining (if you got
some) and gonna be good for skin hydration
Take Care Of These Points
Never Sleep With Makeup
Test any new makeup on small area of your skin. Hypoallergenic
products don’t mean that it not gonna cause irritating. Read every
label on makeup carefully
you got eczema or rosacea you would better use natural and organic
You can make many kinds of Halloween makeup at home with organic