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Coca-cola is the world famous
carbonated soft drink company. No one ever hasn’t drunk this drink worldwide.

But if you still drink it, I think you gonna change
your mind after reading this article!

There is a scary fact about coca-cola: the acid level in this lovely drink is
the same level of batteries!

Could you imagine that??! and how could that hurt the metabolism process in
your body and your inner organs of your digestive tract

and also cause
many diseases as indigestion, bulges of colon,Osteoporosis,high level of sugar
in the blood and not only that but it could be more dangerous and causes asthma
and heart attack

i stopped
drinking it after my stomach was hurting me so much and I
was forced by the
incredible pain to visit the doctor , his first question was “do you
smoke?” and the second is “do you drink Coca-cola or such soft

I had to follow a drastic diet and most of my food is boiled vegetables.
But the worst part is it’s a life time diet. Although
I am very skinny!

The doctor told me that my colon is in very bad
condition and
I can’t eat any spicy, fried and fatty foods and all kinds
of legumes.

he explained to me how harm it is for everyone
specially kids because it
contains overdoses of sugar, caffeine more than the adult body needs
and don’t allow body to take advantage of vitamins as vitamin A  and
minerals as magnesium and calcium

however , I still believe that coca-cola is a very useful drink, but
not for drinking !

I will show you
15 unusual shocking uses for coca cola that will make you think twice before
buying it or allow your kids to drink it

1- fader for hair
if your hair stylist failed to get you the right color and it ended up
with darker color,
don’t worry this fizzy drink will make it very easy for you to fade
this color. all you gonna do is washing your hair very well with coca-cola and
you will see yourself amazing results
2- cleaner for
burnt pots :
if you got some blackened pots , use this amazing drink to totally
remove any black spot from your pot. No matter how big or hard to remove it is.
pour the
drink into your pot and wait for some minutes then scrub the grime and watch
your pot new again
3- stain remover
you don’t have to worry anymore about how much you gonna pay for stain
removers , you can use this magical drink as stain remover even greasy stains.
You could pour the drink into the washing machine with the detergent. At the
end you will get sterilized clean clothes
4- remove gum
from hair:
how many times you had to cut your hair because you got a gum stuck
to your hair? Or
your kids hair? We all had to do that even if we were childs, but now you
don’t have to worry about cutting the hair shortly because of gum. Simply pour
some fizzy coca-cola and wait for few minutes then pick off the gum easily!
5- Some videos on
showing that Indian farmers are using the drink as pesticide, because it is
much cheaper and it gives the same result. No conclusive evidence to prove if
these videos are
totally true or fake
6- Cleaning the
yes, it is true! And guess what! This drink
has the ability to
deliver you a sparkling toilet. All you need to do is just pouring some fizzy
coca-cola and wait for 90 minutes, then scrub with a brush and flush. Job done
7- Insecticide
for cockroaches and other home insects:
my friend told me that she tried it
with the insects and work. She got the idea after she hears about the damage of
my colon. She put some of it in an aerosol and sprayed it on the insects and it
killed them all
8- removing the
simply drop the rusted item in coca-cola for 90 minutes and then scrub it
with a piece of cloth and it will shine again. if your item is much bigger
to be dropped in a
glass you could soak a small piece of cloth in this magical drink and start to
rub the item to take off the rust from the item
9- cleaning the
windows :
thanks to the citric acid – one of the main ingredients for any
windows cleaner. It a very efficient cleaner. You should try it, and the best
part it is very cheap!
10- pain-killer
for insects and jellyfish bites:
if you got bitten by
bee, bug or jelly fish,
pour a little amount of coca-cola on the bite area of your body and wait for
seconds. You gonna notice your pain has disappear!
11- You could use
this fizzy drink to keep your silver
jewelleries and coins shine again. It is the same method as no 8 drop
the items in coca-cola and waits for about 5 hours. and your items are shining
again as you just bought it
12- tile grout
I don’t need to say again about it 😀 just pour some of the drink
on the floor for few minutes and you will get it clean and shiny
13- paint
stripper of metal objects :
soak a piece of cloth and lay it on the painted
area for  hours , then scrub 
14- do you got a
swimming pool? How much do you pay to clean it?
I think the cost is
really high for these chemicals. You could cut it down to the price of 4
bottles of this drink. Just pour the 4 bottles and get your pool clean again
15- use coca-cola
as a fountain! :
To play with the kids. You could tie some mentos together and
drop it in a bottle of this drink, just don’t do it at home because it will be
a big mess