How To Choose The Best Mineral Makeup Brands


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Mineral makeup is one of the best makeup types of sensitive skin. It is better than other different types for many reasons:

1- It doesn’t clog your pores and it is gentle on your skin, unlike the usual makeup products which will hide your skin’s imperfections, but it may cause skin infections and burning if you got a sensitive skin.

2- Natural mineral makeup is the best makeup for sensitive skin because it will help your skin to look better thanks to its natural ingredients that improve your sensitive skin condition.

 Choosing The Best Mineral Makeup Brands For Sensitive Skin

How to choose Best mineral makeup brands

As I said before mineral makeup best makeup for sensitive skin, and choosing the right brand won’t be easy. You may be trying a lot of products before you choose what the best makeup for your skin type is.

Some mineral makeup brands have the exact ingredients which the usual makeup contains. For example bismuth oxycholoride is one of these ingredients which can cause itching and redness. So always check the product’s label to be sure it doesn’t contain this ingredient. Why don’t you do an online research? Certainly it will help you to compare different brands, prices and ingredients.

To find your perfect shade that will fit your skin tone you may have to mix the some shades to get the prefect final one. May be it isn’t that easy, but it’s worth the time you spend. Isn’t finding the best makeup for sensitive skin is all what we looking for?


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Liquid Mineral Makeup for Sensitive Skin


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How can you wear makeup safely if you got sensitive skin? What is the best makeup for sensitive skin? There is a type of makeup called Liquid mineral makeup.
What is the liquid mineral makeup?
It’s a type of makeup which made of natural ingredients as minerals, some botanical components and natural oils. The best thing about this type of makeup that it is PH neutral, non-reactive and non-allergenic. So it won’t hurt your sensitive skin. So you take a risk of trying makeup, which could harm your sensitive skin.

Liquid Mineral Makeup is the best makeup for sensitive skin

Why liquid mineral makeup is the best makeup for sensitive skin?

The liquid mineral makeup is the best makeup for sensitive skin because it doesn’t contain any irritating ingredients. The mineral makeup is also so gentle and light on your sensitive skin. Don’t worry about the coverage, it provides an excellent coverage.

How to apply liquid mineral makeup?

1- Use non-comedogenic cleanser to clean and fresh your skin.
2- Use a mineral foundation for sensitive skin and give it some time to dry.
3- Apply the rest of your usual makeup.
4- Try to use as less products as possible to keep your skin away from irritating.

If you wanna me to recommend you some products I will suggest the MAC Mineralize Eye Shadow Duo I think it is excellent. You will need only a small amount to cover your eyes because its color is intense. And you won’t suffer from any fading, slipping, or creasing.

You can use Glo Minerals gloPressed Base foundation it lasts as long as you want and your skin pores will be less noticeable.


Why Mineral Makeup Is The Best Makeup For Sensitive Skin


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If you have sensitive skin this mean you have an imbalance in your body and you have to change your lifestyle. But that doesn’t mean to go out without makeup.
A lot of people with sensitive skin feel upset when they use foundation or color because their skin becomes irritated. And below I am sharing with you some tips and advices to help you choose what’s best for your sensitive skin:

mineral makeup is the best makeup for sensitive skin

1- May be you using (animal products, chemical, scents, heavy or poor quality) makeup products, even if your brand is well known and expensive. These ingredients usually cause redness and irritation.

2- You have to use mineral makeup, which contains no scents. Mineral makeup products are inert so no more irritating for your sensitive skin. It also will last for long hours and it won’t change or fade and you won’t be in an embarrassing situation. One of the best advantages of mineral makeup products that they are anti-microbial so your sensitive skin won’t be infected by bacteria. They also contain sunscreen and they are water resistant. So you won’t re-apply the makeup, thanks to their intense colors. Do you agree now that mineral makeup is the best makeup for sensitive skin?

3- You must use mineral powder foundation at least if you can’t handle the cost of mineral makeup products or don’t want to change all your makeup to mineral. It’s so important because the foundation is the shield that prevents your sensitive skin from (dust, germs and environment). Powder foundation is lighter than cream foundation. Try to use one with 15 SPF


Best Makeup For Rosacea



Rosacea is one of the causes of skin redness. Choosing the best makeup for Rosacea may be difficult, but it’s worth the time you will spend on choosing which best makeup for sensitive skin is. A lot of cosmetics usually contain unnatural ingredients causes the irritating and redness of sensitive skin. So choosing the best makeup will make allow you to improve your sensitive skin look and appearance. It also won’t cause skin irritating and will help you to tone down skin redness.

Best Makeup For Rosacea

To select the best makeup for Rosacea you have to choose from many products. Generally, choose a brand that don’t contain harm ingredients and can be used as two or more products. For example foundations that contain sunscreen. So you won’t have to use too much product on your sensitive skin.

I think mineral makeup will be a good choice for skin affected by Rosacea because it is oil-free so it won’t clog your pores or cause acne.

Tip: use a brush to apply makeup on your sensitive skin. The brush will be gentle on your skin than a sponge and you can clean it every day simply. Brush is better than a sponge or fingers because it won’t allow bacteria to get on your skin.

Most of mineral makeup has been made of natural ingredients so it won’t irritate your skin. It also doesn’t contain too much pigment so it won’t cause more redness.

Tip: don’t try new makeup products directly on your face, try it first on the inner side of your arm

What Is The Best Makeup For Sensitive Skin


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Choosing the best makeup for sensitive skin isn’t a big problem. There are many women asking about which brand is the best and what the best ingredients are.
Well, if your skin is sensitive you should choose for natural ingredients cosmetics which won’t affect your skin badly. Try to choose multi task products which will help you to reduce the number of the makeup products you have to apply to your skin (foundation & sunscreen or foundation & conceal)

best makeup for sensitive skin

A lot of people choose mineral powder, but I don’t find it a good choice for people with sensitive skin. Mineral powder contains an ingredient called Bismuth oxychloride, which causes redness and irritation and sensitive skin and cystic acne in some cases. Don’t you agree now that mineral powder that contains Bismuth Oxychloride isn’t the best makeup for sensitive skin?
Why is Bismuth Oxychloride a main ingredient in the makeup industry?
The FDA considers it a safe ingredient to be used in makeup. And this ingredient helps to give a pearl finish and helps to reflect light off of your skin in order to hide wrinkles

So what is the best makeup for sensitive skin?

The answer is mineral powder, but which doesn’t contain Bismuth Oxychloride. Generally Mineral makeup is the best makeup for sensitive skin because of its nice finish and lightness and it also doesn’t clog your pores. So make sure to read the ingredient list to stay away from any harmful ingredient for your sensitive skin.